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Our Front Yard

Our Front Yard has become a little bit of a destination in Okotoks. 

Growing up in a small village in Switzerland, my husband Thomas had a connection with most neighbours and businesses.

He wanted to tap into that same sense of community here in our home town.

We began with a "Little Free Library". We were the second home in Okotoks to build one on our front lawn. 

Running a yearly Book and Bake Sale Fundraiser, we always had more books that we could handle

and the library seemed like a fun and great solution.

Next was 'The Little Free Herb Garden". Thomas is a chef and using fresh herbs in his cooking in the summertime is a treat, and a no brainer. We wanted to share our bounty with our neighbours, so they could go home and bring more fresh products

into their family meal as well.  In the summer you will find several different herb varieties as well as baby tomatoes.

When we have an abundance of rhubarb, we will also leave it out for our neighbours to take.

Our 3rd stop is "The Three Sister's Coffee House". In this house we sell 200-gram bags of fresh, locally roasted Rebel Bean Coffee for a $10.00 donation towards "40 Books in 365 Days".  Our label is "Karma Coffee", in hopes that customers will do the right thing and leave a donation in exchange for a bag of delicious coffee. This house is open 24/7 and stocked regularly. In the beginning it was almost a social experiment to see how well received it would be.

We have found most people are respectful and honest to our project and we have a regular clientele. 

Little Free Library
Little Free Herb Garden
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Three Sisters Coffee HouseT
Heading 6
Our Front Yard across from Big Rock School

Little Free Library (page 19)

Little Free Herb Garden  

Three Sisters Coffee House

Rebel Bean Roasters Website 
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