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40 Books in 365 Days Update

Happy September 1st everyone. Wow, I cannot believe we are here already. If you purchased a #Nuekegoodeats 2021 Recipe Calendar, it's time to flip that page and make some pizza...hands down our family's favorite dinner.

I have been away for most of August, and haven't sat down much at my computer other than to slowly go through the 1000 images I took on our trip to the coast.

Ah, the luxury of a digital camera...but a hinder as well.

I wanted to give you a little update on the children we support in Kenya.

The children began a new school year at the end of July. This has changed (thanks to the times) as the new school year used to begin in January. I was a bit nervous that I had not raised enough money to cover 8 Highschool Students and 9 Primary School students plus one. But, we did it and we couldn't have done it without the people who have supported this fundraiser over the last 9 years.

Unfortunately, one of our grade 8 students opted out of continuing onto Highschool as life at home has been a struggle and he figured it was more important for his family and his survival if he worked rather than go to school. Our contact in Kenya spent a lot of time talking with him to try to convince him that continuing his education, in the long run, would benefit his family even more. But, he had made his choice. We are hoping that after a year away he might change his mind and we will support him if he decides to attend High School. His National Exams marks were very good. But, it just goes to show how lucky we are living in this country where our children at 14 years old do not have to choose between school or working and supporting their family. Times are tough, I know, but I can't even begin to comprehend the struggles families face in Third World countries, and have faced for so long without a world pandemic to add to the mix. Throughout these last 18 months, I often thought about these countries and it helped give me a perspective that no matter what was going on here, I was definitely better off than the majority of people in this world. So much gratitude.

Anyway, I am happy to say that we had raised more than enough money to pay for all of the school fees. 6 out of 8 children who are attending Highschool will be boarding there as well. We needed to purchase many items like a mattress, blankets, towels, mosquito nets, cups, plates, clothing and uniforms, school supplies, textbooks, etc. to set them up each student properly to live away from home.

40 Books in 365 Days is currently supporting the following children:

3 students in Grade 11

5 students in Grade 9

One student in Grade 12 who we help with essentials but not school fees.

2 students in Grade 8

4 students in Grade 6

2 students in Grade 5 and

1 student in Grade 4

Our connection in Kenya has also recently opened a three-room kindergarten in her village. No retirement for this amazing Earth Angel. She saw a need for a kindergarten in her area as the closest school was 2km away and overflowing. For now, 40 Books in 365 Days has donated some money towards the Natalia School for school supplies and books to create a little library. I will offer an update and more information about the school in the near future.

I am happy to say that we still have funds in our account for any emergency that may occur or medical needs. We also have a good little start for the 2022/2023 school year.

As I get back into routine and the swing of things I will be working on some new fundraising projects for 40 Books in 365 Days. We always welcome cash donations and you can easily donate by e-transfer to or by credit card at this link. 100% of the cash donations go directly to support these children.

For more information about 40 Books in 365 Days I invite you to take a look at my website which includes the history, items we have purchased over the years and a list of the books I have read since December 2011.

I am sorry I don't have any updated pictures of our students. They were unable to gather together as a group before school started, but hopefully, at Christmas, there will be a chance.

As my 10 year anniversary of 40 Books in 365 Days approaches in 2022, my family and I will have much to celebrate. I hope that one way to celebrate will be for me to finally visit Kenya and meet the children we have been supporting. But, like everything these days....I will go with the flow and trust that it will happen in Divine Timing.

Have a beautiful day.


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