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40 Books in 365 Days Update

Good morning friends.

I wanted to hop on here briefly to update you on the fundraiser campaign I had held in October, November, and December for 40 Books in 365 Days.

I am happy to announce that the campaign was a great success. Between the cards, calendars, tea, coffee, and donations we raised just about $2800.0 This was a great start for our campaign. Thank you so much to all of those who helped make this possible in purchasing these items. Without your support, we could not do this alone.

The students are doing well. I received some letters not long ago.

Some of the highlights

Ivy is in grade 9 and loves her new school. She says it is big and beautiful and the teachers are nice. She loves to dance because it is fun.

Remmy is in grade 9. She loves playing football and netball. She loves the food that is provided at her school and gets to watch TV on Sunday afternoons. One of her classes is agriculture so she can help her parents on their small farm.

Jack is in grade 9. He looks forward to me and my family visiting Kenya so he can show us his favorite places. He loves to play volleyball and basketball. He enjoys growing fruits and vegetables.

Thomas is in grade 6. He loves volleyball and soccer. His family is helping him achieve his goals.

Vallary is in grade 8 and working hard. She loves playing football and is looking forward to going to Highschool in April.

Fiona is looking forward to 2022. She says people seem happier these days.

Back in 2020, the school children in Kenya did not go to school for 8 months. Online school was obviously impossible. How lucky are we that our children were able to continue some kind of education during lockdown?

To make up for this time, the government implemented a 30-week school year instead of a 39-week year, so that eventually they could catch the children up. This has meant that in a year and a half they have to learn two grades, instead of in 2 years. The children will end this school year at the beginning of April and then start again at the end of April. This "school year" will end in December. The new school year will begin in January 2023 like it used to begin before the pandemic and should get back to a

39-week schedule. It has been very stressful for the teachers and the children to cram in this education.

This also means that I have to get my thinking cap on to inspire ways to raise money, as I will have to double my efforts this year. We also have a few more students entering high school this April. My guess is that I will need to raise at least $10,000 in total for 2022. It feels like a daunting task, but I am up to the challenge.

We will finally be hosting our 8th Book and Bake Sale on May 21, 2022!!!

I am SO EXCITED!!! This was always my favorite day of the year and I am so glad that we are able to bring it back. (positive thoughts)

We will be collecting books from April 1st, 2022- May 15th, 2022. The books we are looking for should be in good condition for selling. We are interested in all Fiction Books: Adult, Children, Tween, and anyone in-between. Non-Fiction books we need to be pickier about because they don't always sell. Self-Help, Spirituality, updated Travel Books (information or adventure stories), Gardening and Home Improvement books seem to sell.

We will not be accepting Cook Books, Autobiographies/Biographies, Text Books, and Magazines. In other categories, we will just decide when the books are donated. Thank you for understanding. We have had years where we have had to move well over 500 books that didn't sell after the sale and not every organization we donate to wants all genres of books.

We will be looking for volunteers to help sort and organize leading up to the sale, as well as baking. We also have one of our daughters graduating on that Thursday before, so it's going to be a busy and very exciting week.

Our ongoing fundraisers include:

Karma Coffee roasted by Rebel Bean Roasters. This coffee is available in our Little Coffee House located across from Big Rock School. The cost is a minimum donation of $10 a bag.

We will be running another JusTea fundraiser. It was a great success. JusTea is a company out of Vancouver that works with small-scale tea farmers in the Nandi' Hills in Kenya. They provide fair wages and do not use machines. The tea leaves are handpicked and sorted by the locals, providing more jobs to boost their economy.

I will be announcing soon the tea blends I will be selling as I thought we could try a couple of new ones as well. I would appreciate any feedback about the tea and how you liked the flavor?

I have a new Greeting Card 5-Pack available for sale where all of the proceeds will go towards 40 Books. Click HERE to take you to the 5-Pack.

I have also decided that in the celebration of the month of love, $1.00 from every single Greeting Card I sell will go towards this fundraiser as well. When you purchase 5 or more cards, use the coupon code TAKE5 for a 15% discount.

Click on the picture for the link to take you to my shop.

We also accept and appreciate cash donations as there are no expenses involved. You can e-transfer to

I would welcome any suggestions of fundraisers for this year to raise money for the kids. Or, if you and your family would like to create your own fundraiser for 40 Books in 365 Days like a lemonade stand, your own mini-book sale, have a garage sale with some of the earnings going to 40 books, a bake sale, etc. It would be greatly welcomed.

December 29th, 2022 will be my 50th birthday. I began 40 Books in 365 Days in July 2012 as a way to celebrate my upcoming 40th birthday. I had made a goal on December 29th, 2011 that I would read 40 books leading up to my 40th birthday. This goal turned into raising money for backpacks and school supplies for students in Kenya once I realized I would probably make my goal. I never dreamed that 10 years later we would be going strong and support 17 children's school fees and essentials and one more student's essentials.

I could not have done it without my family and friends and I so appreciate you all.

Let's make this year a great year. My dream is to go to Kenya in the next year to finally meet the children we have been helping and see where they live and be immersed in the culture. I am saying this out loud because deep in my bones I feel it is time for me to go and it is time to start creating goals and dreaming again about the future.

Have a beautiful day and thank you.

You can find me here...

Rikki Neukom website-

Instagram- rikkineukom

Facebook- 40 Books in 365 Days

Facebook- Rikki N

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