Fall 2022 Fundraiser Campaign Has Begun!

Updated: Nov 12

Hello friends.

I am so excited to share with you a couple of items I have been working on for the fall "40 Books in 365 Days" fundraising campaign, raising money for the education of a group of children in Kisumu, Kenya.

First, a little news from Kenya. The children are in their final term of school and will be finishing up in December. We have three students who are in their final year of high school and will be writing their final exams in November. I have yet to receive word about their future plans but will keep you posted.

Our one student who graduated last year from high school is being sponsored by a family in Germany and is currently working on his diploma for construction and building.

In January 2023 six students will move to Form 3 (grade 11), two students will move to Form 2( grade 10), two students will be in grade 8, 3 students will be in grade 7 and one will be in grade 6.

Kenya welcomed a new president in the summer and times were a bit tense. The children stayed home for a few weeks for safety reasons. But, things have now calmed down and they are back finishing their studies.

Wonderful news from the Primary School our contact/connection opened. Originally it was going to be just a kindergarten but they are now adding more classrooms to welcome grade 1 students in January 2023. I am so excited for the teachers, children and the community. They also received a new school bus so that the children can easily get to school without walking a long distance.

The schools will begin a new year in January 2023. After 3 school years of cramming 39 weeks of school into 30 weeks, the schools will get back to their regular scheduled programs.

I should also recognize that it has been 10 years since I have been working with my Earth Angel in Kisumu, Kenya. 10 years ago I asked my friends and family if they would support my read-a-thon of reading 40 books in a year, in exchange for raising money for backpacks and school supplies for children in Kenya. After the success of raising enough money to purchase 123 backpacks, 8000 pens and 2000 exercise books for the January 2013 school year, I kept going and involved my family. This past May we raised over $3,000 at our most successful Book and Bake Sale to date, the 8th one after a 2-year hiatus. In 2015 we changed direction and started sponsoring children to go to school. I am happy to say we still have 17 children in the program. 3 will be graduating from school this year.

To read more about 40 Books in 365 Days history please click HERE

I look forward to what the future holds and perhaps even more involvement in the Primary School.


2023 Calendar

Moments in the Rockies

This is a collection of photographs of my favourite pictures I took over the last year. Each month has an inspirational nature quote and some special days of the month that are dedicated to nature and the environment.

The front cover of my new calendar

October- A sample of one of the months with an inspiring nature quote

Back Cover

Calendars are $20 each.

5-Pack Scenic Blank Greeting Cards

My new 5-Pack of Greeting Cards are now available. Blank on the inside and on the back is an inspiring nature quote. I love these cards and they are the perfect way to embrace the old and send someone a letter in the mail. I don't know about you, but I love receiving letters, cards and postcards in the mail as it doesn't happen too often.

A package of 5 Greeting Cards is $20.00.

You can purchase ONLINE with your credit card or you can email me at 40booksin365days@gmail.com if you would like to pay by e-transfer or cash.

Free delivery in Okotoks, AB.- Use coupon code OKOTOKS

Free Delivery to Calgary with a minimum purchase of $40.00 (can be combined with cards)- Use coupon code CALGARY

Free Pickup- Use coupon code PICKUP

Mail orders will have an additional $5.00 charge in Canada and $15.10 Internationally.

Downloadable Prints.

Did you know that I sell prints online that you can download? It's quick and easy. Once you receive your copy you can have it printed, put it in your favourite frame and hang it on your wall.

You can find my 2022 Prints HERE! They are $40 each and $10 of each download will go towards "40 Books in 365 Days" until December 29th.

If none of these items interest you but you would still like to contribute we would be grateful for cash donations. You can e-transfer to 40booksin365days@gmail.com or click here to use your credit card https://checkout.square.site/merchant/MLCH3T561KF7Z/checkout/VX6PBBQ2FSKKCPQJHV4JF7CO

Other Stuff

Curious about how my reading is coming along this year. I am right on track to completing another 40 books by the end of December. You can find my list on my website including my lists from the last 10 years. Please don't ask me the plot of each one because my brain isn't set with photographic memory...hahah. www.rikkineukom.com/books-i-have-read

Thank you so much for your support. This family fundraiser would not be possible without the help of so many people. We are directly making a difference in a group of children's lives in hopes of a better future for themselves and their families.

As the holiday season soon approaches, wishing you all of the best and good times ahead.

Rikki and the family

40 Books in 365 Days Website

Rikki Neukom Instagram

Rikki Neukom Facebook: Photographer and 40 Books in 365 Days

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