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If I start it, the niche will come.


Welcome to my page. I am so happy you are here.

It has taken me several years to finally start a blog. Many of those years were spent trying to figure out the “right niche”. I wanted to write about so many different things, I just could not narrow it down to one or two.

I came to terms about a year ago that I should “just start, and the niche will come.”

When I was finally comfortable with that decision it took me another 9 months to set up a website and write my first post. My failed first attempts at writing my first entry have been many, and each read quite differently. But I am just going to trust it has all come down to divine timing. I have rediscovered my love for photography since Covid hit last year. I even invested in my dream camera this past January and it has been so much fun playing and relearning an art that I first pursued as a teenager. Back then I had dreamed of working in the film and photography industry.

However, my path had a different idea, which to this day I am grateful for, as it was one I never could have dreamed up as a child. This included moving out west and working several years in the beautiful Canadian Rockies in the hospitality industry where I met my husband; a stint in PEI owning a B&B for three years; then returning out west and pursuing my biggest and most important purpose in my life- raising three beautiful, funny, strong-minded, and kind girls.

I still have a few short years before they leave the nest but now it has become apparent that it is time for me to start testing the waters of following some more of my dreams. I want to continue showing my girls that things are possible when you believe and set your mind to it.

My name is Rikki by the way. I am a mom, wife, daughter, sister, niece, cousin, and friend.

My loves are my family, friends, photography, travel, Western Canada, food and drink, connection, community, gathering, spirituality, reading, being of service, Random Acts of Kindness, and reminding people to be more loving and kinder to themselves.

These are topics I plan to touch upon on my blog journey. Consider this blog like my personal Oracle Deck. Each week I will trust that whatever may inspire me to write about and share, it will be a message that one person needs to hear.

Some topics might be about a local hike, a favorite recipe, a book I have just read, travel advice, travel destinations, stories about manifestations, coincidences, meditations, our family fundraiser “40 Books in 365 Days” helping school kids in Kenya and updates, photography inspiration or life’s little things.

When it comes to travel and other major events, our family motto has been “Screw it. Just do it!”. I am finally taking this motto to the next level and I look forward to seeing where it will take me (us).

I look forward to you coming along for the ride.

I have a few places you can follow me.

My Instagram Page: @rikkineukom

My Photography Facebook page:

40 Books in 365 Days Facebook page:

Have a beautiful day.

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