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Last summer was the first summer in years that I hadn't been to Highwood Pass at least a couple of times before the end of August. I defintely don't want to do that again because I absolutely love this area. Anyway, the girls and I were headed off to Banff when I bribed them with sticky buns and sweet drinks if we could take the long way through Longview to get to Banff. They agreed. The day was coolish and there were quite a few clouds but the sun was still shining. We drove over Highwood Pass and as we came down the hill I couldn't keep my eyes off of this mountain. I was mesmerized. So, I finally pulled over in a good spot to take some pictures. When I got home I played around with the colours and created this picture. It's one of my family favorites and is hanging in my bedroom.


All Greeting Cards are blank inside providing ample room to share a special message to the person you are giving this card to.


Card size 5" x 7"


Highway 40, Kananaskis Greeting Card

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