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Originally these recipes were put in a calendar that was inspired by the events of Spring 2020 when schools and businesses shut down and, we needed to stay put in our homes for the safety of ourselves and our Community.


Baking has always been a favorite pastime for our family. On "Day 1" of lockdown, My one daughter asked if she could make donuts and, I encouraged her to try. The next day my other helped me make pierogis. Then, my third daughter made homemade buns for our burgers. For 122 days, we created a new routine of making something from scratch every day. It was something we could manage and have control over during these different times. I would post every day on my Instagram account the latest #nuekegoodeats.  Some friends became interested in what "The Neukom Family was going to make today?" Some were even inspired to bake and cook as well, tackling new recipes.

Most of the recipes are old family favorites we have made over the years, tweaking them to our liking.

Here's a collection of the 12 recipes that were in this 2021 Calendar. Cinnamon Buns, Pizza Dough and our Raspberry Inn Granola (we owned a B&B for 3 years in PEI) are included in this digital copy.

#Nuekegoodeats 2021 Recipes

  • Size 11 MB

    Resolution: 6000 x 4000mp

    Copywrite: rikkineukom

    For personal use.

    Please contact me for Commercial Use

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