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I as out for a walk one day in the Fall of 2023, heading to Sheep River Cove when I saw in the distance a white head and brown body perched in a tree. My heart leaped with joy as I had not seen a bald eagle around here since the beginning of April. They hae most likely been around, but I hadn't been lucky. I started walking faster in hopes that the eagle would stay. As soon as I arrived in the forest, I grabbed my camera and looped Kona my dog around my belt. I managed to settle myself in two different locations and the eagle stayed. At one point, I just sat on the rocks with Kona and appreciated being in this birds company. I love taking pictures of landscapes, but there's a different feeling I get when I see certain birds or wildlife. It's like being a winner in a game.


All Greeting Cards are blank inside providing ample room to share a special message to the person you are giving this card to.


Card size 5" x 7"

Bald Eagle Greeting Card

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