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I have dabbled in video on and off since High School. I was one of those kids who every chance I could get, I would make a video rather than write an essay. My friends and I would watch abstract movies and have long conversations about interesting camera angles, foreshadowing and the best lines of the movie. Yah, back then I was a bit of a film geek.

I took that love and went to Film School for a year and then headed to College for Broadcasting: Radio and Television. It was the best time of my late teen and early adult years and I will always remember them with great fondness.

After school, I did work once in a TV Station in Northern Alberta, first switching and then in the news department.

However, my love for the mountains, meeting people from around the world (and my boyfriend who would become my husband) led me away from the TV station and back to working in the Hospitality Industry.

A few years later I became a part-time editor for a videographer in Canmore, editing wedding videos. I worked at this job for a few years and put together nice little movies of couple's special day in the Canadian Rockies.

A few years after all of my girls arrived into my life and I became a full-time mom, I began my own little video business filming

Vacation Homes walk-throughs as well as new Condo walkthroughs and Houses for Sale. I would upload the videos on YouTube for people to dream about their next holiday or next new home. For 6 years I had this little business.

Some of my clients were: Lush Mountain Accommodation in Golden, Cardel Lifestyles, Royale LePage, Literacy for Life, and a couple of Bed and Breakfasts in Golden.

Unfortunately, I do not have much to show for the videos I have created over the years. However, you can find a lot of my work on the Lush Mountain Accommodation Website, located in Golden, BC. They rent out beautiful homes to travelers in beautiful locations surrounding the area. 

( I am not being sponsored by Lush Mountain, but sending my gratitude for the work they have offered me over the years.)

I also created a couple of fun videos for 40 Books in 365 Days including this one where I interviewed the original owner of

Rebel Bean Coffee Roasters while she explained the coffee roasting process. This was for a coffee fundraiser we were holding for 40 Books in 365 Days.

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