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I was in Canmore for a weekend attending a retreat put on by my good friend at the Canmore Opera House. It was so wonderful to be able to spend a weekend in the mountains with some old and new friends. We had just finished for the day when I went outside to retrieve my car to pick up my friend. As I was walking quickly to the car I noticed a few people standing on the bridge looking west. I decided to take a little peak. What I saw was magical. I had my camera with me, so I quickly pulled it out of my bag. I looked down to realize I had the wrong lens on, so I opened up the top of my bag to retrieve my other one. I had to pull out some things on the top to access it. I changed the lens and was able to capture a couple of pictures before the colour was gone. I was happy I got it. Standing there satisfied I realized that my friend was still waiting for me. Shoot!! So, I quickly packed up and went on my way. The next morning I discovered my notebook which contained some passwords and other personal information as well as my waterbottle was missing. I was pretty confused at first. Then I realized that I probably left them on the bridge. I went outside to look everywhere, but they were no where to be seen. I had this feeling come over me that everything would be alright and that somebody might contact me and do the right thing rather than the wrong. Later that night after arriving home I discovered a new hidden message on my Facebook account. I read it and was happy to see that someone had found it and would keep it safe until I returned. So, everything worked out in the end and I am so glad that I stopped to take this picture.


All Greeting Cards are blank inside providing ample room to share a special message to the person you are giving this card to.


Card size 5" x 7"

Sunset in Canmore, Alberta Greeting Cards

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