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How we have Helped

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It all began in 2013 with the purchase of
backpacks and school supplies

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My girls made "Canadian" bracelets for the children


123 Backpacks

2000 Exercise Books

8000 Pens


Primary School fees, supplies, uniforms, sweaters, socks, and blankets for 46 children

100 Backpacks

100 Reusable sets of Sanitary Napkins


Primary School fees, uniforms, and school supplies for 23 children

Emergency money sent on 3 occasions for food for the children and their families due to a severe drought in Eastern Africa


Primary School Fees for 16 Children and High School Fees for 3 Children

School Supplies

Boarding School Supplies for 2 of the High School Children

New School Outfits for all of the Children and one New Outfit for Outside of School

Sanitary Napkins for the Girls

Medication for 2 Children


-Paid for School Fees and Boarding Fees for 9 High School Students and School Fees for 8 Primary School Students in August 2021

-School supplies and some essentials

-Paid for two reading rugs for the Natalia Kindergarten School which is a 3 room kindergarten school run by the founder of The Innocent Children Foundation


Due to Covid the children's school year in Kenya only lasted 30 weeks instead of 39 weeks as the government wanted to push for a January 2023 start and get things back to normal. During Covid the schools were closed for 8 months.

Their new school year began in April 2022.

-Paid for School Fees and Boarding Fees for 11 High School Students. 

- A blessing was that the government of Kenya decided to waive the school fees for the Primary School Students this year.

High School fees run between $380 and $600 per child and the average is $450. We were grateful for the help from the Kenyan Government.

-Paid for Highschool and Boarding Fees for 8 Highschool Children and School Fees for 3 Primary School Students plus school essentials. 

So basically in 2022 we raised money for the equivalent of 2 school years. Thank you so much for our community who helped make this happen.


150 Backpacks

2000 Exercise Books

400 pairs of underwear for girls


School Fees for 30 Primary School Children

School Uniforms for the Children who outgrew their old one

30 Mosquito Nets

Presents and Food for the Family of the ICF children at Christmas


School Fees for 21 Primary School Children (2 have advanced to High School with individual sponsor)

Mosquito Nests, Soap and School Supplies.

Christmas presents and New Outfits.


School Fees were rolled over to 2021 due to the fact that schools were closed for 9 months.

Any money that was raised in 2020 will pay for their new school year which will begin in July 2021. At this point we will have 9 children in Primary School and 9 Children in High School.

Hospital, medication and surgery for a Local child.


Paid for the school fees for the remaining 10 children in our program. 9 are away at Boarding School for High School and one is still in Primary School. High School

Fees average anywhere from $400-$600 each.

We also paid for some funeral expenses for one of the children in the program who passed away from acute malaria.  

ICF kids2016.jpg

Kids we supported in 2016.
4 have graduated High School and 10 still remain.

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